Nature conservation has suffered in many regions of the world, particularly in Africa's protected areas. However, we must remember that investing in a healthy natural environment is the only way to establish a solid foundation for a sustainable future.
As virtual reality and blockchain metaverse ecosystems gain traction and popularity, we created something unique and impactful. Something to be displayed with pride among the mass of current NFT projects using blockchain technologies and their vast possibilities. We are bringing to life an economical product that stands its ground in the virtual world while addressing real-world problems: jobs, education, nature, and climate.
The Meta Lion Circle ecosystem features 9.999 one-of-a-kind NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are split into three unique collections of 3.333 units and following a coherent narrative from start to finish.
We are Meta Lions. We don’t follow paths; we create our own trail! We don’t imitate; we innovate! It has always been easy to follow trends, but it’s much harder to be original.