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One year on the road

We're building a solid foundation for all our Lions

Q4 | 2021

Core concept (3rd October 2021)
  • Developing Meta Lion Circle's Vision
Team Building

Q1 | 2022

Seed funding
Stragtegic Partnerships

Q2 | 2022

Q3 | 2022

  • Genesis collection (SOLD OUT)
  • Mint Pass Launch
  • C2E Economy implementation
  • Community App launch
  • MLC Head Freemint (first batch)
  • MLC Head stakeless $PFP token implementation
  • Marketplace Module 1 - NFT Portfolio
  • Marketplace Module 2 - $PFP skill boosting
END OF THE FIRST YEAR ... thanks to every single one of you, believing in us and supporting us, we just have started the journey 🦁