The Narrative

Planet Earth, South Africa: It is the year 2050 … Over the past 30 years, the G33 countries have feverishly tried to fight climate change, unfortunately, without success. Despite constant innovation and new technologies, no one has tackled the problem. The Exosphere, built around the Earth as a desperate emergency measure, is only a temporary solution to stabilize the surface temperature of the Earth. It is also mankind’s last faint attempt to provide the inhabitants with minimal protection from UV radiation. CO2 levels are off the charts, and the worst-case global warming projections from past generations have been exceeded exponentially. All attempts to populate Mars have failed. Chaos and anarchy are the order of the day. Starving populations and poachers have eradicated almost all endangered species. Lion cub Solana, one of the last of her kind, just witnessed poachers kill her mother. Now she is being hunted. Running for her life, she seeks shelter in the “Cradle of Humanity,” a sanctuary where the legendary, enigmatic “Rock of Hope” is guarded. Solana hides behind the rock. The poachers storm the building and approach the rock. As they get closer, the rock begins to vibrate frantically, bursts apart, and a cryptic, white blinding beam shoots out. The beam smashes through the roof straight into space, more precisely, aiming for planet Sileo77, home of a failed survival program for endangered species and now habitat of various meta-species. There, the beam triggers the “Save Earth” protocol, compelling the heads of two rival meta-lion clans to meet and set the protocol in motion. They decide to unite and cooperate to fight the apocalyptic threats on Earth. 3,333 meta-lions are sent back through the space-time continuum to the year 2022 to prevent poachers and climate change from ushering in the era of humanities’ self-destruction.