Impact Scope

​ImpactScope is a Geneva-based social enterprise providing CO2 offsetting solutions to crypto enthusiasts, bitcoin miners and digital asset marketplaces. They are our partner for the compensation of all current and future blockchain transactions. Thanks to their assistance, Meta Lion Circle can proudly affirm being the first CO2-NEGATIVE NFT project, registered with UNFCC.
They are also assisting us with the certification procedure of the natural game reserve as an offsetting project. Once certified, the profits from the sales of our self-generated CO2 credits will be returned to our NFT holders. Through the ImpactScope offsetting credits that Meta Lion Circle has acquired, our members and collaborating projects can offset their own transactions and mint their personal CO2CNFT.
Each ImpactScope offset represents 1 ton of CO₂ which has been sequestered or avoided. All of ImpactScope’s project development partners undergo rigorous auditing and monitoring by the world’s leading carbon certification bodies, such as Gold Standard, Verra or Plan Vivo.